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Taking Care of Your Business

Quality software development for more than 20 years.
Our services are focused around you, your customers, your business.

App Development

  • ERP systems
  • Construction equipment
  • Inventory/barcode apps
  • Property management
  • Legacy software modernization

Cloud Migration

  • System architecture
  • Data migration plans
  • Performance baselines
  • Production switch-over
  • Geo-redundant backups

Business Intelligence

  • Visual Reporting
  • Sales force automation
  • Finance reporting
  • CRM systems
  • WIP systems (Work in Progress)

Software Integration

  • Scientific research
  • Document management
  • Process management
  • GPS Integration
  • Third-party accounting packages
Bright Software offers a full range of technical services for customers from many disciplines. If you need something, we can help!

How We Work

Use our experience to your advantage, to navigate the myriad of tech choices before you, to give appropriate weight to cost, functionality and long-term maintenance.

A Proven Process

  1. Strategy

    Identify Needs

    So, what happens? We discuss your business problems, your timeframes, and budget.

    Audit Systems

    Evaluate your current tech systems. Check to see if effective and suitable for new purpose.

  2. Plan

    Weigh Options/Cost

    Discuss priorities, alternative approaches and project costs to meet your business needs.


    Your proposal outlines your project in detail. Larger projects are planned in phases.

  3. Develop


    Once you contract with us, we start work based on schedule and pricing terms outlined in proposal.


    As project evolves, review and comment. Refine what application is going to do, or should do.

  4. Implement


    Assist with employee training. Often key employee users are already involved in project.

    Go live/Launch

    Once approved, go live! Installations at a time convenient for your business.

  5. Maintain


    Communication and support to ensure everything works as expected. Expert at bug fixes.

    Next phase/Add new features

    Continue to work with you on new features or next phases. We have you covered!

How You Help the Process

Question: What helps me prepare before hiring Bright Software or any other software development firm?

  • Try to define your needs as sharply as you can. They should align with your business process and ultimately help your revenue stream.
  • If you have existing software, know where your source code is, and make sure it’s the latest copy.
  • Make sure the right group of people in your organization are involved in the project from the beginning. You should include people who’ll be using the application day to day.
  • Ask the potential firm you’d hire the same questions that we’ve posted below:
    1. How long have you been in business?
    2. Do you have the experience that I really need?
    3. Will my project be a priority?
    4. Who’s my main point of contact?
    5. What makes your services better than other companies doing this?
    6. What is your software design and development process and why?
    7. How long will it take to build my application?
    8. What does installation entail?
    9. What kind of support do you offer?
    10. Can you provide references?
    11. Do you explain things in a way I can understand?
    12. How is your pricing structured? What factors affect cost?

Let's Get Technical

We know our stuff. Always up for a challenge with a creative, smart approach with the latest technology.
We also have a broad range of IT experiences outside of software development that enables us to see the big picture, fast, and arrive at original ideas others simply do not know about. Our customers see results quicker.

Leverage our Know-How

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