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Software Integration

Adding the right tools is a real time saver. Eliminate double-entry, reduce errors, and increase the speed of doing business.

Get your vendors, field teams, and systems "talking to each other" and eliminate costly, time-consuming tasks. We can help you electronically import invoices to populate your accounting system, secure legal, e-signatures on documents, or install GPS to track your rental equipment.

The better we understand your process, the more we can help! Our small firm turns ideas into software.


Bright Software: EDI

Save Time: Go Paperless > Receive EDI Invoices into QuickBooks

It’s easy to get frustrated with accounting cost issues, as you could be focused on growing your business. One way to save money, improve accounting accuracy and free employee time is to integrate EDI invoice format into your systems to eliminate the manual re-keying of paper vendor invoices.... read more

Category: Desktop Application
Technology: MS Access, MS C# and EDI & QuickBooks integration
Money Saved: $18K per year
Bright Software: Integrate Millions of Invoice Records from Disparate Sources

Start-up Relies on Data Integration to Offer Independent Restaurants Purchasing Power

Independent restaurant owners don’t have the purchasing power of larger operations, unless they pool together in group purchasing organizations (GPOs). As a member of a GPO, restaurant owners boost their buying power and can take advantage of... read more

Category: Desktop Application
Technology: MS SQL, MS Access and integration of various data feed formats
Money Saved: Foundation for Start-up Business
Bright Software: GPS Tracking Data

Control & Prevent Heavy Equipment Downtime: Use GPS to Improve Maintenance Schedules

Certain business models benefit greatly from integrating GPS tracking data. The construction sector is a perfect candidate, as GPS technology is often already built into heavy construction equipment, or can be retroactively installed on each machine.... read more

Category: Desktop Application, Tablet & Phone App
Technology: MS Access and GPS & DoForms integration
Money Saved: ~$100,000 per year

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