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Our Story

Work with us. One of the best custom software development firms in New Jersey for small to mid-sized businesses. More than 20 years’ experience.

What differentiates Bright Software from other firms is our ability to offer a level of personal attention that is hard to find among the sea of larger development companies. As a small firm, we get to work on various types of systems and offer broad experience in a wide array of industries. Expect non-hyped talk and clean, well-structured, integrated systems any end user (and developer) can appreciate.

Bright Software Owner Ray D'Andrade

Regardless of the industry, how large or small the project, understanding the larger context in which our work will bring value to your organization is key to our success. We ramp up quickly on the most complex business processes and systems. From new mobile apps to database upgrades to cloud migrations to international sales systems, we’ve been there, done that.

Bright Software was founded in 2000 by Ray D’Andrade. Having worked as an engineer in the environmental sector, he gained invaluable experience in dealing with different businesses, budgets, and contractors. Constantly finding new ways to apply technology to solve customers’ problems turned into a passion.

Our small firm takes pride when we see customer relief knowing we “get it.” They have confidence in our ability to solve their problem. Our list of satisfied customers continues to grow.

Always responsive. Always innovative. Always quality results.

Working Together

What to expect: Sound and impartial advice, personal attention, and clean, well-structured applications.

Bright Software Team


We strive to offer the best solution at a honest price. Our team of developers have a vested interest in ensuring your work is done right the first time—after all, we want your repeat business.

Bright Software Tech


We love solving puzzles and will have multiple ideas we can tailor to your budget. Our background in using various platforms, systems and devices in different industries means we've most likely "been there, done that."

Bright Software Style


Expect non-hyped talk and clean, well-structured, integrated systems that management can rely upon. We follow best practices so you'll gain systems that fit your workflow and can grow with your company.

Customer Care

Customer Care

We take time to listen and explore your project to get it right the first time. Understanding the larger context in which our work will bring value to your organization is key to our success.

Keeping It Simple

Keeping It Simple

Analysis into action. We enjoy problem solving challenges. Customers trust our ability to build smart products around unique and/or complex business processes, to reduce the complicated into simple.



As a small firm, there are no layers of bureaucracy to reach an expert here. We'll quickly get up speed on your business objectives. Your ideas can flourish with the right technical minds behind you.

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