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Business Intelligence

Make smarter business decisions. Everyone wants that.
Leverage our technical know-how.

Often clients wish they had real-time reports, or they want to consolidate data to predict future spending. Sometimes the data is there, but end users can't find it because it's scattered across systems. Tap our experience to make sense of what's possible. 

A correctly built system should improve your revenue stream and grow with your company. Tell us about your goals.


WIP System

Work-In-Progress (WIP) System for a National Solar Construction Company

Solar construction projects are months in the making, long before any solar panel is screwed into place or electrical systems are connected. A WIP or "Work-In-Progress" system makes planning much easier. WIP is a supply chain management term and refers to the raw materials, labor, and... read more

Category: Web-based Application
Technology: MS .Net, MS SQL Server, Anterra and Timberline integration
Money Saved: ~100K per year
Bright Software: Vendor and Inventory Analysis

Save Money with Vendor & Inventory Analysis Reports

Your business relies on parts. If some parts don’t work or if parts are late, it has serious consequences. A multi-million dollar project could be delayed for a month due to one missing part—and how do you explain this to your customer? You’ve done the right things to optimize... read more

Category: Desktop Application
Technology: MS SQL, MS Access
Money Saved: ~500 to 1 Million per year
Bright Software: Safety Forms

Pay Less on Insurance Premiums: Stay on Top of Safety Inspections

Safety Management is a big deal, and the best safety practices translate into a competitive advantage. If your company reduces on-the-job injuries, you can reduce your insurance rate. Fewer injuries means fewer worker compensation claims which means lower premiums. Lower premiums make you... read more

Category: Web-based Application, Tablet & Phone App
Technology: MS .Net MVC, MS SQL and DoForms integration
Money Saved: More than $1 Million per year

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