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Project Management System

Vollers chose Bright Software to develop a Project Management System so they can monitor all ongoing construction projects from bidding to closeout.


Public, commercial and private entities trust Vollers to handle their construction needs. A family owned business since 1949, Vollers serves New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. Their projects take them to future transportation hubs, skyscrapers, and distribution centers, as well as hospitals, theaters, and schools.

Every construction project has an array of unique multiple sub-projects, design prerequisites and site plan considerations long before any skilled labor or construction equipment is on site.


Management needed to have a better handle on accumulating costs during the life of any project to ensure every construction project is completed on time and within budget.

Without a uniform way to track costs across the life of each project, Vollers was missing the ability to better manage expenses, identify potential problem areas, or track the impact of plan changes.

Our Work

After an assessment of their current business process and technology, Bright Software and Vollers set goals on a new Project Management system, which also tied into their Timberline accounting.

The new system gives Vollers the capability to track the progress and financial health of any active project at any time, so they will know in advance if a project was under, over, or within the project quote. Measurements of progress are done using project dollars versus estimated dollars, labor hours versus estimated hours, and actual production versus estimated production.

Every month, Project Managers enter their estimates of how much it will take to complete the job, cost code by cost code. This information gets locked each month by the CFO to maintain an audit trail of the monthly entries.



✔ Costs that used to be based on a “gut feeling” are now tracked in one place, with an audit trail.

✔ Project Managers can break each job into smaller pieces and roll up the estimated costs for any one aspect of a project.

✔ Management gets a month by month snapshot of their finances so they can make early corrective decisions that affect the trajectory of any project’s costs.


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