Paul Reed

Equipment Maintenance Management System / GPS Integration

Paul Reed selected Bright Software to develop a better way to track GPS usage of their heavy equipment and to provide field employees with a maintenance schedule queue to keep their equipment running in top shape.


Paul Reed Construction & Supply, Inc. is a large general contractor in western Nebraska that provides an array of services ranging from commercial and industrial building construction to heavy highway earthwork and installation of underground utilities. Paul Reed utilizes a vast array of equipment including bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks and concrete paving equipment for numerous construction sites that can be hundreds of miles apart and even in different states.


Tired of manually tracking their equipment on a spreadsheet, Paul Reed wanted to take better advantage of GPS technology fitted and retrofitted on all of their equipment and have equipment information all in one place.

Plus, since routine maintenance is required, sending field mechanics on site to service equipment, sometimes far from headquarters, Paul Reed wanted their employees to have easy access to a maintenance queue and past repair records.

Our Work

Bright Software worked with Paul Reed to develop a web-based equipment portal to work in conjunction with a field iPad tablet app. GPS location, run time hours, and/or mileage are all captured in one place and tied to every piece of equipment.

Daily GPS data from any John Deere branded equipment was captured from John Deere's customer equipment website and pulled into the new system.

Additionally, field workers know exactly where equipment is, even if the site spans many miles, and what maintenance is needed before they visit the equipment.

The system automatically flags equipment when it is in need of maintenance based on its usage stats collected via GPS.



✔ All Paul Reed's equipment and maintenance schedule is now in one portal with equipment features, location, notes, photos, schematics, and maintenance history.

✔ Paul Reed knows exactly where all of their equipment is and how many hours it is running and/or how many miles it is accruing.

✔ Field workers can use their tablet to find a queue of equipment needing upcoming maintenance. The new tablets also enable them to look up mechanical schematics, or take pictures of anything found on the site such as a flat tire, a broken part, and append it to the equipment record so they know what further repairs, parts or service are needed.

✔ The new system also resets the maintenance clock after service is performed, so they know when service is next due.


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