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Property Management Accounting System

Computex teamed with Bright Software to design and replace their old property management system complete with a tenant portal integrated with paylease.com.

Background custom property management software


Property owners hire Computex as their real estate brokerage entity to efficiently handle the numerous accounting and bookkeeping tasks involved in the financial management of any number of properties—including rent collection, tenant communications, overseeing court agreements, as well as hiring attorneys.

Challenges of integration with Rent Manager


Computex's previous property management system was not meeting their needs; it was an old, unreliable DOS-based application with limited reporting capabilities in need of replacement.

They needed someone who could ramp up on their business operations, secure their data, and migrate them to a new system with minimal interruption of their day-to-day operations.

Our Work creating a tenant web portal

Our Work

Bright Software discussed with Computex how best to modernize and replace their old DOS-based system. In their case, the most cost-effective approach was to build a Microsoft .Net WPF desktop application since most employees using the system were in one office.

Data, some going back to the 1990's, was transferred and the new system now tracks the property, buildings, units, tenants and their communications such as rent notices, late fees, rent increases, and court paperwork in both email and paper form.

Employees can also use the system to generate pre-filled court and legal paper templates with tenant information. To better handle online payments, tenants can also now use a secure portal to access their rent statements and the "Pay Now" button integrates with paylease.com who handles the transaction and notifies the system that money was received and the ledger is automatically updated.

Technology integrating with third party APIs


Results creating landlord reporting portal


✔ Computex's new system is faster, more reliable, and offers employees many more capabilities to manage the data from hundreds of daily tenant transactions.

✔ Rent money collection is faster and easier to track via the tenant portal.

✔ Tenants and Property Owners receive better service.

✔ One large customer was able to have instant access to their tenants with a copy of the software on their site and a VPN connection.

✔ A web-based reporting component for Building Managers was easy to tie into the new system so they can now see who is late on rent.

✔ Eliminated the need for $5K in postage every month.

✔ Since the system was launched, managment can make smarter decisions based on the availability of many new types of custom reports previously unavailable.


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