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Persistence Saves Company $30K

A client was referred with a compatibility problem—could I help? They were pleased with their new servers and were happy to finally upgrade away from Windows 2003, but their print drivers wouldn’t work. Their industrial barcode printers print thousands of barcode labels a day and are critical to their business. Their printers were old, but were in fine working order. The thought of purchasing new printers loomed large in our conversation. New printers would cost an additional unplanned $30,000.

I audited their system remotely to confirm the driver problem. Then came research and some inquiries. There isn’t a quick Google search answer. A successful work around was devised after repeated trial and error. The old print drivers were finally able to work on the modern server.

The client avoided having to spend thousands of additional dollars.

Persistence and experience often pays off. Our business is primarily focused on software development, but knowing the fundamentals of hardware, software and business processes gives us the ability to find answers to problems others would miss. You don't have to pay us to research your problems, because we've likely seen them before and are persistent to find a solution.