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Bright Software - Fix your database

Slow Database Woes

One of the most common questions people ask me is, “How can we improve system performance?” Systems can be slow for any number of reasons and, as you’d surmise, troubleshooting the problem is unique to each database... read more

Bright Software - Source code

Own Your Source Code: Avoid a Costly Contractual Mistake

Sometimes I find clients in trouble. They don't have ownership of their system's source code and suddenly need changes. But the company that developed the software is long gone. Their software works, but it's only working in its "compiled" state. To make changes to the software, a person needs access to the source code... read more

Bright Software - You deserve clean code database

Clean Code Performs Better

"Clean code" is software development done right. The software is efficient. It doesn't repeat unnecessary functions. Its infrastructure is smart, taking full advantage of its software language capabilities. You don't find odd "work arounds" because someone didn't "know enough."... read more

Bright Software - Leverage our experience

Persistence Saves Company $30K

A client was referred with a compatibility problem—could I help? They were pleased with their new servers and were happy to finally upgrade away from Windows 2003, but their print drivers wouldn’t work. Their industrial barcode printers print thousands of barcode labels a day and are critical to their business... read more