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Win More Business with a
Cloud-Based Quote System

It’s a given that your customers want to know how much your product or service is going to cost and how long it’s going to take. Customer quotes are straightforward when you have inventory on hand, ready to be shipped. The quote process gets more complex if you build or sell custom products or services, which require considerable time upfront to gather customer specifications before work begins. Accurate customer quotes are key to your bottomline and, if done right, help you stay competitive. Plus, knowing what’s in your sales pipeline is essential for allocating time and energy to win business. An online quote system can make all of these things easier.

One of our customers was ready for an online quote system developed in the cloud. Their current process was too piecemeal and sometimes people were duplicating efforts, causing confusion. So we built a Quote Console that is the “home page” for their sales pipeline. On one screen they can see all open quotes, when they are due, the current status, and even how close they are to winning a job. If something is overdue, it turns from green to red. Data is linked to Excel to depict various sales graphs. Remote users can pull the same screen up on their phone while on the road or visiting a customer. If a job is won, there is a convenient history of the quote and they can chart what worked, as well as what did not and why.

Bright Software has developed quote systems in whole or as part of larger systems. If we can help you, we are happy to discuss your needs.